Personal Submarine 3

This submarine I created fits one person, can dive up to a depth of 5 feet and can propel itself through the water. The frame of it is two plastic containers, wood, hot glue and duct tape. The seals consist of silicon glue, hot glue, duct tape, and a rubber seal with latches for the hatch. ventilation consists of 4 fans pulling air in to the sub via hoses, circulating it and pulling it out. There is also a compressor to pump air in and out of the ballast tanks with valves. Propulsion consists of two motor scooter motors with metal blades and two 12v batteries. Any water that leaks in can be pumped out using a 200gph bilge pump that can pump a 25ft head. The 3 batteries are charged with two 5w solar cells mounted to a bouy with a light and two of the fans for ventilation. I had also installed GPS and sonar for when the sub is used in a lake.

Created March - May 2012

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