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Justin Beckerman, New Jersey Teen, Built A Working Submarine In His Spare Time

Have we found the next tech millionaire genius?

Just one week after high-school dropout David Karp sold his start-up Tumblr for $1 billion cash to Yahoo, we've stumbled upon high schooler Justin Beckerman who has built a one-man submarine.

If you're starting to feel unaccomplished, be warned: this is just one of many projects that Beckerman has undertaken in the past few years. When he was 12, he made a remote-control cleaning vehicle, and when he was about 14, he made a helmet for watching videos.

Beckerman's submarine is "complete with lights, paddles, ballasts, air compressors, 2,000 feet of wire and a Plexiglas dome top that looks like the head of Star Wars robot R2-D2," reports. The submarine is made of a drain pipe, and is designed to go 30 feet deep into the water.

Beckerson's submarine cost him about $950 to make, which sounds like a lot for a personal project outside of school, but it's nothing for a personal submarine. Some of the least expensive personal submarines go for about $98,000. Don't forget about the cost of labor, though. It took Beckerman six months to design the submarine and five months to build it.

(h/t Gizmodo)